We combine the ingredients of the Southwest with different flavors from around the country and world. We pay respect to the culture and food of the area while also honoring the cultures and foods that have influenced and inspired us. From handmade corn tortillas, made from scratch non traditional salsas, fresh herbs to our vegan tacos, we're adding fresh, modern flavors to a classic meal. Because..TACOS!


I have a love and a passion for food and people. I found in my travels that something special happens when people break bread together. It's been in kitchens that strangers have become friends and friends have become family. From growing up in my mom's kitchen in Germany and Detroit, to breaking bread with new family in the Marine Corps and in college, I saw the way cooking brought people together and I wanted to be able to share that joy with everyone. That love led me to earning my culinary arts degree and to cooking in different restaurants around the country. I started Taco Shelle to have a gathering space where we can share meals together and share our stories. So c'mon in, grab a taco and welcome to The Taco Shelle!

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